Bar and Restaurant Business Plan

The Bar Experts EXTREME Sports Bar Editable Business Plan & Step By Step Guide

Includes over 50 pages of “Editable” word (.doc) and excel (.xls) files

The Bar Experts Step By Step Guide For Creating A Business Plan

When you are building a business plan, you should design your plan to speak as an extension of you and your brand. There are dozens of different templates and how to guides on line, but if your business plan doesn’t represent you and your brand, it’s just another cookie cutter document.

When it comes to the bar business, I hear excuses like these all the time;

– This market is different, so we can’t do things that way.

– We are a catering to this specific crowd, so that won’t actually work here.

These are nothing but excuses. The fundamentals of business are simple and consistent across all successful platforms.


Before we begin I want you to ask yourself these 4 simple questions.

Do you think Wal-Mart is operating its store differently in your town because it’s a smaller market then New York City?

Did Ford Motors drastically lower the cost of the brand-new F150 they are selling in your town, because the average income there is lower than it is in Las Vegas?

When you go into your local liquor store do you see a different Bud Light or different Grey Goose Vodka, than you’ll find in another liquor store located 15 miles away?

If you are down to your last $5,000.00 and your not getting paid for another month, are you going to leave that $5,000.00 in cash just sitting on your desk at work, while you go to a 5 hour meeting with your boss?

You have a brilliant idea, and this is our chance to take your idea and turn it into your successful reality.

So as we are creating your business plan try keeping those questions and your answers in your mind and always remember – The Numbers Don’t Lie.

When your business plan is built on actual facts it will turn into a solid foundation for the success & future of your business.

The Bar Experts EXTREME Sports Bar Business Plan


Target Market and Customers

Pricing Power


Revenue Streams

Executive Summary

Concept Summary

Market Analysis Summary

Marketing Strategy

Company Information

Confidentiality Agreement

Annual Financial Summary

Daily Financial Summary

Annual Revenue Projections

4-Day Part Revenue Projections

Annual Labor Summary

Nightly Labor Summary

Fixed Labor Summary

Front of House Expense Summary

Back of House Expense Summary

Start-Up Costs

Marketing Costs

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Bar and Restaurant Business Plan