Server Training Manual

Server Training Manual by The Bar & Restaurant Experts

This Editable Server Training Manual is brought to you by Bar Manuals founder and Best Selling author Ryan Dahlstrom, Certified Consulting Bar Experts by the Hospitality Association of America. If you own or manage a Bar, Nightclub or Restaurant and feel like your business should be doing better, feel free to reach out to him via LinkedIn.

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Table of Contents – Server Training Manual

Server Training Packet

Server Job Description

Server Operations

Congratulations and Welcome

Brand Stewardship

Food and Drink Knowledge




Guest Relations

General Guidelines

Greeting Arriving Guests

Seating Guests

Wait List

Estimating the Wait

“Selling” the Wait

Server Super Seven

The Two-Minute Greeting

Drink Delivery and Server Suggestions

Run Your Food

First Bite Check Back


Offer Dessert

Invite to Stay

General Server Information

Methods of Payment

Alcohol Basics

Spirit Terminology

Beer Terminology

Wine Terminology

Bar Terminology

Specialty Drink Guide

Server Sidework

Opening Sidework

Afternoon Sidework

Closing Sidework

Server 5-Day Training

Server Training Checklist

Alcohol Management Program

Ten Steps to Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service

Understanding the Physiological Effects of Alcohol

Detection of Intoxicated Persons

Detection of Minors

Intervention with Minors

Intervention with Intoxicated Patrons

Alcohol Management Program Test

Completion Certificate

Receipt Of Manuals Acknowledgement

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Editable Server Training Manual